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It seeks to ensure equal access to justice under the law for all Americans by providing civil legal assistance to those who are unable to afford it.

The idea behind was to create a new corporate entity that would be funded by Congress but run independently, with eleven board members to be appointed by the president subject to senate confirmation. It was created by the Legal Services Corporation Act of 1974.

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A number of delivery models for legal aid have emerged. The Legal Services Corporation was authorized at the federal level to oversee these programs

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The educational prerequisites for becoming a lawyer vary greatly from country to country. Law is taught by a faculty of law, which is a university's general

Hace poco tuve que recurrir a los servicios de Yagüe Abogados para gestionar mi divorcio, de mutuo acuerdo. Julia nos asesoró de forma profesional, facilitando respuesta a todas nuestras preguntas, encargándose de todos los tramites y haciendo más sencillo el tránsito por ese duro momento. Su disponibilidad cada vez que la necesitamos fue inmediata. Tanto mi exmujer como yo quedamos muy agradecidos por sus servicios y los recomendamos a cualquier persona que se encuentre en una situación similar.


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